Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Hello" by We Are Leo Review

We Are Leo is a new techno pop/rock band from Illinois, and also is the first band to release an album through Skies Fall Records. I've been really excited about the label, and We Are Leo's debut, "Hello" is sure to be a staple in your music library!

"Supernova Sunrise" introduces us to the sound of We Are Leo: energetic, fun pop/rock with great lyrics. "Supernova Sunrise" is a top-notch track about waking up to God's grace and moving forward, living life to the fullest. "Heartbeats" takes the music farther into a techno pop territory, Frontman David Duffield sings "Can you hear hope calling you, like a whisper in the night?" and encourages the listener to open their hearts to love and hope. "Heartbeats" is a great track, and the female guest vocalist complements the song perfectly.

"Oxygen" brings a message of God's love for us; how "when you cry I'll be the one to dry your tears." The rock edge to "Oxygen" combined with the strong lyrics make this song a stand out track from "Hello". "Seventeen" is a bittersweet song about a relationship that blossomed, fell apart, but God restored. Forgiveness and the hope of second chances fill this song, and is my personal favorite off the album. "Colors" is a worshipful song that contains some of the best lyrics I've ever heard in a praise and worship song! We Are Leo doesn't disappoint in their lyric writing, and their heart for God comes through their music.

"Live 4 Love" is the infectious single off "Hello" and got my attention the first time I heard it! It reminds us to spread God's love, because when we have love, we have everything. The beat is extremely catchy and fans of pop are sure to love this song. "Remember You" is a very dreamy, almost instrumental track that is really beautiful.

Closing out the EP, "I'm With You" is a song of reassurance from God, how he'll never leave us. Once again strong lyrics give us encouragement; but the fun of pop music with a rock edge is there! "I'm With You" rounds out "Hello" in a great way.

The debut album from We Are Leo is a great pop record with a bit of a rock edge. The lyrics of "Hello" bring what has been missing from Christian Pop for a long time: Spiritual depth with a fun edge. I would recommend "Hello" for fans of Anthem Lights and Royal Tailor. Be sure to keep your eye on We Are Leo!


  1. Great Review! You are very good at reviews! I really liked reading it and I love the CD! We Are Leo is definatley a band to keep your eye on!

  2. I have played them everyday since I saw them perform in Chicago a month ago. These guys have a greta new sounds. I know they will fast risers in the music world.

  3. Hi Lisa! I awarded your blog the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award! Visit my blog to claim it! Courtney

    PS great review!

  4. We have just added this to playlist, a great song with a fabulous almost 1980's Rock vibe as well. We Love it as our listeners will too!