Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top 5 Christian drummers!

The title is pretty self-explanatory, so here is my list of my favorite drummers in the Christian music industry!

#5 Adam Kronshagen of Icon For Hire
His drumming is really impressive throughout their music, and his drum solo is pretty awesome! The stick throw at 31 secs is pretty cool, and keep your eyes on his sticks towards the end of the video!  Check it out:

#4 Joe Rickard of RED
His drumming has always been stellar, and I had the opportunity to see RED live online via the Hear It First Winter Jam stream, and he is just as good live! Whether you like harder music or not, I'm sure you'll agree he is very talented. Also, today is his birthday, so make sure you tweet him Happy Birthday via @joerickard. Check out this video of him demoing his new kit from Spaun Drums:

#3 Duncan Phillips from Newsboys
Hands down, Duncan is one of the most energetic drummers you'll ever see. I also got to see him with the Newsboys live online, and he is amazing live! He'll do all sorts of hilarious things, yet be able to play the drums perfectly the whole time. Watch the video below to see him on the spinning drums!

#2 Lori Peters (Formerly of Skillet)
Ok, I KNOW she isn't in the music industry anymore. But she was a PHENOMENAL drummer. She was awesome. So I wanted to mention her in this because of her talent. Even though she claims to be "so out of practice" in the clip below, she kills it! I had a hard time finding solos of hers on youtube, so even though the video quality on the second clip is not great, you can still hear how awesome the solo was!

And my favorite drummer of all is....

Ok, so maybe this is a bit predictable but Jen is so talented. She is my drummer hero! Her drumming sounds great both on the cd and live, and her solos are amazing! I've posted my favorite video of her drumming below. Enjoy all you Panheads!!

I would love to hear who your favorite drummers are! Either comment below, or post your favorites on your own blog.


  1. I'm glad you picked Joe Rickard! You practically couldn't NOT pick him today... haha! I love Chad McCutchen from Sixteen Cities and Jeff Gilbert from Kutless. Hehe... :D I also like Lauren from Barlowgirl... both a great signer and a great drummer. :)

    Nice list!

  2. Great choices! However, I would have put Duncan at the top. After all, how many drummers can drum perfectly on a spinning, 90 degree angled drumset? :D

  3. Wow! I would pick the drummer of Demon Hunter as #2 and the drummer of Becoming the Archetype as #1. I don't even know their names, but MAN can they drum! :) They can keep some beats I didn't even know were beats! :D

  4. Oh, I love Duncan Phillips' drumming, and Lauren from Barlowgirl. Also Rolf one of Hillsong Live's drummers is a very favorite. I can actually distinguish his drumming in their songs.