Friday, September 16, 2011

Indie Exclusive: My Heart To Fear Interview!

My Heart To Fear is a great Christian metalcore band from Pennsylvania! Their song, "The Witching Hour" is amazing. I recently got the chance to interview the guys from MHTF, so here it is! Enjoy! My questions are in red, and MHTF's answers are in black.

First of all, can you tell us about how My Heart To Fear was formend, and how you got the band name?
My Heart to Fear was formed by a group of high school friends back in 2005, with a big dream, and almost no musical experience. Our band name comes from the old song, "Amazing Grace" , where it says, "twas grace that taught my heart to fear".
How would you describe the music of MHTF?
Our music is written as more of a story than just a song. We're about to go into the studio to record a brand new full length CD. Genre wise, the music is experimental/melodic metalcore.
Your song "The Witching Hour" deals with a topic many Christian musicians don't touch, demons. What was the inspiration behind this song?
The Witching Hour was written out of personal experiences and the idea of Gods existence proven through the duality of good and evil.
MHTF just wrapped up playing the extreme tour. Can you tell us what touring across the us is like?
Meeting so many amazing people on tour really inspired a lot of the new songs and lyrics. Touring across the US is quite an experience, the jumps from town to town show you subculture you may never have come upon other wise.
How have you seen the music of MHTF impact your fans?
We love our fans and they are as much a part of this band as we are. They have impacted us just as much as the stories they tell of our music in their lives. We have a file with emails from our fans from the last almost 6 years, sharing very personal stories of their lives and struggles, and how our band in some way has helped them or touched them. It's amazing and humbling.
What would you say is the band's main goal to accomplish in the music industry?
MHTF wants to create honest music not aimed to just please or give kids a breakdown to dance to, but to also create a movement of love and acceptance across every race, religion and culture.
What would you say is the best and worst part of being an independent band?
It is very difficult to support yourself financially as an indie band. We have been fortunate to remain debt free after 6 years of being a band together, but it hasn't been easy. The best part of being an independent band is the lyrical and musical freedom.
What are the favorite Bible verses of the guys from MHTF?
Jeremiah 29:11-13
If MHTF could play any stage with any artist, who and where would that be?
I cant say that we focus too much on this sort of thing, so its difficult to say. We just love meeting all sorts of artist, and in all different places. We have been blessed to have shared the stage with some amazing bands across the country.
Has anything strange or funny happened to the band?
Wow. Do you have about 6 hours to talk about this question? Haha. The most recent thing that happed is, last week, coming back from a show in New York, we were driving through a horrible thunder and lightning storm, the same storm that flooded much of Pennsylvania recently. 2 large trees had fallen on the road and on power lines, which because of the storm we couldn't see them in time, so we skidded to a stop and got entangled in all the trees. We had to wait for the fire department to get there and cut the trees up and free our van and trailer. We slept in the firemans truck while they cut us out.
What does the band enjoy doing outside of the music?
Several of us used to snowboard, and play baseball and basketball, but honestly now music is about the only thing that any of us do at this point in our lives, whether that be playing shows, practicing, touring, writing music or writing lyrics.
Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Any closing thoughts?
No problem! yeah, please look us up on facebook and like us. Also, go to youtube and look for our new music video "The Witching Hour". If you listen to RadioU or TVU be sure to stop by to their sites and say hello and request more My Heart To fear. We were number 7 last week on their top 15, and "The Witching Hour" is playing on TVU on their hardcore show the battery.  Stay tuned for our new full length that should be coming out before the end of the year. When it does come out be sure to read the lyrics.

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