Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free Music!

Ronnie from Skyhawk Drive has a side project called "Safe And Sound". He recently released an EP through NoiseTrade absolutely free! I haven't been able to listen to it yet, but I'm sure it's good! Be sure to check it out here!

Mission Six Giveaway Winner!

The randomly chosen winner of the Mission Six "Shockwave" MVP Giveaway is......


Congratulations Courtney! I will be in contact with you as soon as possible! Enjoy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

California, Yosemite and Youth Camps!

Hey guys!
It's Lisa here, and although I'm afraid I'm too busy to give you a REAL post, I thought I'd update you really quick on what's going on.

We've been in California for almost a week, and I'm really enjoying it! We stayed with a Pastor friend last weekend and saw Yosemite, which is absolutely gorgeous! The teenagers around here are really friendly, and I've made quite a few new friends.

We are now at the Boy's Rodeo Camp, where my family is helping out at another Pastor's ranch. They host two rodeo camps, one for girls (I missed it by a week!) and this week is the boys. There's around 30 boys, mostly under 13, but boy can they rope and tie! On Saturday there'll be a big rodeo competition where the boys will compete for buckles, ribbons and hats. Another girl volunteer taught me how to twirl a lasso today, and I can now say I can rope a dummy cow! It's SUPER hot out here with the temperatures hitting 106 degrees. A lot different than Pennsylvania!

Next week, if everything works out, I'll be going to another youth camp, then heading home. I'll try to get some of my friends to do guest posts, so keep an eye out for that. I just want to say thanks to my wonderful friend Katherine who put up my Memento Mori Review!

Keep hanging in there!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Memento Mori by Flyleaf Review

I’ve been a fan of Flyleaf for a while now, with their debut album, “Flyleaf” being an all-time favorite in my music library. Flyleaf’s second album was released in 2009, and successfully managed to avoid the “sophomore slump”.
      Starting the album off is “Beautiful Bride”, an anthem for the Church today to unite and be strengthened through him. Flyleaf brings their signature sound, and Lacey’s voice is stunning. “Again”, one of Memento Mori’s first singles comes second, and is full of amazing lyrics such as “They don’t have to understand you, be still, wait, and know I understand you, be still!” This song is full of power and passion from start to finish.
      “Chasm” hits hard, with a warning message of Hell. This song follows the story Jesus told of the rich man and Lazarus, as told in Luke 16:19-31. (Please read this, it will really stir your heart for the lost.) The chorus is basically the rich man crying out, knowing the horrors of Hell. “Please, give me something, I’m so thirsty, I’m so thirsty! Please, let me warn them, don’t you come here! Don’t bring anyone here!” This song really stirred me, as during a sermon preached at my Grandmother’s church (nearly all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins are unsaved, but they go to the church.) the preacher had some of us read letters from someone we knew that went to Hell. I chose my Aunt Deana, who died in a horrific car crash, and based it off this song. “Chasm” is an amazing song, and as Lacey says, there is nothing more loving than to warn someone of Hell.
      “Missing” is slightly different from the normal style of Flyleaf songs, carrying a little synth and more of a pop rock feel. Lacey sings of missing the love of Christ in her life, and her vocals are passionate and strong. “This Close” follows, and is one of the best songs off the album. The lyrics are raw and honest, but best of all, Lacey really draws the listener in and you can really relate to this song. “The Kind” warns against promiscuity, and the “loveliness of sin” that quickly becomes a raging monster. There’s a lot less screaming in this album, but “The Kind” brings a small taste of that towards the end.
      “In The Dark” was the song that got me hooked on Flyleaf. This is such an amazing song, from start to finish. Powerful vocals, lyrics that describe things almost everyone goes through. The chorus pleads, “Jesus, kill me inside this, raise me up to live again, like you did, like you did!” The bridge is the strongest part of the song, with the Light (Christ) coming in, and Lacey screaming, “Damn the DARK!” This is by far one the best tracks on the album. One of the things I really like about Flyleaf’s screaming is it always sounds like a prayer or a plea, not someone just yelling to yell.
      “Set Apart This Dream” tells the story of two girls, one a pretty little girl who is abused, yet dreams of a place full of love and joy, while the other has been sold into human slavery as a prostitute, but dreams of a place where we only cry from joy. Lacey passionately reassures them God loves them and they are pure, clean, and lovely before Him, not the worthless beings they have been told they are. “Swept Away” is another heavy-hitter, with Lacey accusing a man of being a false teacher, demonic in his motives and deeds done just for show. However, the chorus encourages forgiveness and love, which brings healing to the broken Church. Lacey’s screaming returns in this song, and really sets the mood for this song: passionate and angry, yet having a desire for healing and change.
      “Tiny Heart” changes things up, with a beautiful slower beat, and could definitely be seen as either a love song to us from God or a love song to someone who doesn’t know how much we care for them. A creepy interlude follows, and brings us to “Treasure”, a moving song that talks of once we go through the trial fire, we become God’s treasure.  This song relates to Job’s story in the Bible, as well as I Peter 1:7. “Circle” speaks of the sacrifice Jesus made for us at Calvary, yet we won’t receive him. Lacey’s vocals mourn that she “left His arms empty, and outstretched for me until he died.” The true theme of this song is the amazing Love of God. This is a beautiful song about the crucifixion and coming to Christ.
      “Arise” ends the album, encouraging the listener not to give up, to arise and be everything they dreamed; to fight for what’s right and be strong in Christ. I didn’t think Flyleaf could get any better, but they really turned it up a notch for this song. Lacey’s vocals have never sounded better or more passionate.
      “Memento Mori” is a must-have for your music library. The album is full of Biblical messages, passionate, meaningful lyrics, Lacey’s amazing vocals, and of course that signature Flyleaf sound.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey all you awesome blog readers!
i have been in Illinois visiting my grandma for the past week, and we are now unexpectedly going to california for almost two weeks to help out at a pastor's youth camp. I most likely wont be able to post much, but my wonderful friend Katherine has agreed to help me out . so be on the lookout for some stuff from her! i'll also email her a few posts. meanwhile be sure to check out my other reviews, interviews, and throwback thursdays!

by the way. sorry about all the weird lowercase stuff! i dont know what is going on with my phones keyboard right now.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Throwback Thursday: DigHayZoose

Ok, I have to admit, I picked this band for Throwback Thursday simply because of the HILARIOUS name. Apparently "DigHayZoose" is a misspelled version of the Spanish way to say "Dig Jesus".

One of the first Christian Alternative bands, DigHayZoose was considered to be a clone of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction. DigHayZoose released their first album, "Strugglefish" in 1991. Tours followed, and they even played at Cornerstone Festival. "MagentaMantaLoveTree" released in 1993, and clocked in at an astounding 65 minutes. Personally I find most of their music a little strange, as they claimed to use the language of psychedelia to create bizarre and unusual lyrics, but, it WAS the 90's. Their music was definitely rock tinged with Praise & Worship, with all the 90's craziness thrown in. After being released from their contract in 1994, DigHayZoose announced their leave from the record label at Cornerstone Festival and released on final album in 1995. They searched for a new label and made a handful of demos before disbanding in 1997.

Bil Brown, the bassist, created a "neo-psychedelic" Christian band called "Hot Pink Turtle" and they released one album, entitled, (and I kid you not) "TickleWiggleJigglePickle". Ummm....ok. It was reviewed as a "hodge podge of music and meanings". This is definitely one of the craziest bands I've ever heard of. I keep reminding myself, "It was the 90's, it was the 90's."

The band reunited in 2005 to rerecord their material from the Infrared era, and several band members have side projects now. I wonder what they will name their albums..."Funkymonkeychunkyklunky"?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Versus: "Flyleaf" vs. "Flyleaf EP"


In 2004, an up and coming female-fronted band released an EP. What band? Flyleaf, that's who! A year later, their full album released to great response from both the mainstream and Christian markets. There are a lot of things that changed from the EP to the full release though, so today we're going to put the two releases against each other, and decide whether we like the original versions of the songs better, or the ones off the full-length album.

The first two songs to duke it out are: I'm So Sick vs. I'm So Sick (EP Version)

The original version is very different than the version that made it onto Flyleaf's debut album. The original version seems to be in a higher key, has more screaming, a bridge and a tag. I prefer most of this version compared to the album version. The bridge and tag on this version really strengthens the song, but the album version seems to be in a better key. That being said, "I'm So Sick (EP Version)" wins this battle.

"Fully Alive" vs. "Fully Alive" (EP Version)

I like the album version of this song better, although I really like the raw sound of the EP version. The album version with the guitar solo wins out, as it sounds more polished and because I'm a sucker for guitar solos. :)

"Breathe Today" vs. "Breathe Today" (EP Version)
Why, oh WHY did Flyleaf cut out the intro to "Breathe Today" found on the EP version? It added so much to the song. The one problem I have with the EP version is there's a weird reverb on Lacey's voice that you can hear in certain parts. However, that's not a huge deal. The EP version wins this battle with the great intro. This was a close one, because the album version is just as good, but the EP version barely had the edge with the intro.

"I'm Sorry" vs. "I'm Sorry" (EP Version)
This is the one song on the EP that the album version clearly wins over. Both versions are good, however the album version seems to be in a better key and packs more of a punch.

"Cassie" vs. "Cassie" (EP Version)
However, "Cassie" (EP Version) clearly wins over the album version. The intro is more in your face, the raw sound of the EP version hits hard, and it's nice to hear Lacey's screams not be messed with. The only problem is they used that strange reverb again.

"Red Sam" vs. "Red Sam" (EP Version)
Once again, the EP version is victorious over the album version. Lacey's vocals seem stronger and more personal, and that weird reverb actually works on this song. I wish they would've left the bridge in the album version. There is no question in my mind that the EP version is the best.

Now to tally up the wins....
Album Version Wins: 2     EP Version Wins: 4

It's definitely a matter of taste when it comes to comparing the different versions. The EP has a raw feel to it, with messier guitars (not skill-wise, for sure!) and untouched screams, as well as a few unexpected intros and bridges. The album versions of the songs polished to perfection, with cleaner guitars, a few lyric cuts, and smoother vocals. Both albums are extremely good, and deserve a place in your music library. The EP has been pulled off iTunes, but you can still buy it at Amazon MP3 for only $3.61. Who can pass up a deal like that? 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Keep It Clean Productions

You guys remember Skyhawk Drive? Well Ronnie and Ridge Bingaman created Keep It Clean Productions, where they make funny videos and they've even produced music videos for Ronnie's side project, as well as another band.  They're definitely worth checking out, especially if you like Julian Smith.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Interview: Anthem Lights

It's finally here! I was privileged to interview the one and only Anthem Lights (an amazing band), and I hope you enjoy the interview! I also did something a little different this interview with the "bonus" questions. These are just fun, random questions I ask so you can learn more about your favorite bands. Let me know if you like them, and drop me an email at if there's any questions you'd like to ask the next artist I interview. Without further ado, let's see what Caleb Grimm has to say! My questions are in black, and Caleb's are in blue

Anthem Lights originally started out as Yellow Cavalier. How did you guys meet and what inspired the formation of Anthem Lights/Yellow Cavalier?
-The “Yellow Cavalier Project” actually started as Chad’s solo project. Alan and Chad were friends growing up and both attended Liberty University (where Kyle and I eventually attended as well), and Chad ended up moving to Nashville to pursue a Christian solo career. Around this time, Alan moved out to Los Angeles with his wife to pursue a secular music career. After Chad spent some time in Nashville, he eventually joined Alan out in L.A. where they began writing and working with a producer on Chad’s solo 5-song EP. As the record was coming to a close, they started praying about the project becoming a group with multiple vocalists. They began exploring the idea, but were concerned that there might not be artists out there who would be well-suited for a group like this. They called their contacts at Liberty University where Kyle and and myself. We were attending school and traveling with a music group. Luckily, the contacts/friends at Liberty recommended us to Chad, and so a few days later Chad and his producer flew out to Virginia to meet with us. Things really clicked between the 3 of us and a few weeks later we formed “Yellow Cavalier.” Alan had been writing and working creatively on the project, but about a month later he stepped in and joined the band. That is how we became Yellow Cavalier (and eventually changed our named to Anthem Lights!). 

How would you describe the sound of Anthem Lights?
-Pop melodies and layered vocals with elements of rock instrumentation. 

“Circles” has quickly become a favorite among fans. What is it like seeing your music impacting lives?
-It’s amazing to hear stories from fans sharing how the music has affected them in ways that none of us could have ever imagined. It’s so humbling because we know that only God can choose to use our music in such a way. 

“Can’t Shut Up” is another fan favorite, as well as a chart-climbing single. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?
-It’s a song about literally not being able to be quiet about all that God has done for us. It’s based on the story in the Bible about the blind man that Jesus healed. Jesus asked him not to share because it wasn’t time yet, but then the passage said he went out in to all the land and shared because he couldn’t keep it in. That’s how we should be about our faith.
Fans all around love your meaningful lyrics. What would you say is the main theme of Anthem Light’s debut album?
-There’s a song on the album called “Stranger” and we really feel like it sums up the overall theme of the album. A lot of what we see in our culture doesn’t make sense to us as believers, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. 1 Peter tells us that we’re strangers here on this earth. The things that are important to us as Christians aren’t important to the world, and the things that are important to the world grow less and less important to us, the closer we grow to Christ. 

Already you have had the opportunity to tour with some of the top Christian music artists such as Mercy Me, Thousand Foot Krutch, Building 429, and Jars of Clay, just to name a few.  What is it like?
-It’s surreal to be surrounded by people that you admired as a teenager. It’s also so encouraging to know that they are as genuine and as passionate about God as they sounded on the radio growing up.

I’m sure it’s CRAZY doing music full-time. Can you give us a glimpse of a day in the life while touring?
-It’s so much fun being apart of a tour. I love the community atmosphere. It’s much more scheduled and structured than I anticipated. I’d say the biggest challenge is finding time to be alone to spend in devotions, but it’s so awesome to meet so many new people. 

That being said, what advice could you give aspiring musicians that want to stay grounded in Christ, yet participate full time in the music industry?
-I’d just encourage aspiring artists to really work to discover your convictions and know where you stand. In the Christian music business, the core of what we do is presenting the messages God has given us. Artists are looked to in some sense as “spiritual leaders,” so it’s important to know what you believe. 
Can you please share with us a passage of Scripture or a brief thought God has laid on your heart recently?
-The music business for the most part is new to us, so I’ve really been learning to trust God to provide and direct each step. I love the peace of mind that comes from Proverbs 3:5-6 which says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”
What is your main goal to accomplish in the music industry?
-Simply put, to glorify the heavenly father with the gifts He’s given us. 

What’s your favorite food to eat while on the road?
-Pizza!! It’s so bad for you, but nothing tastes better if you’re really hungry after a show.
Who would you like to tour with?
-I never know how to answer this question…haha. Steven Curtis Chapman is a legend in this business, so it’d be an honor to get to know him. 
That one band/artist you’re embarrassed to like? (It’s ok if you like Veggie Tales :P)
-I really like any cheesy pop music from the 90s.

Hershey’s or Cadbury?
If you weren’t in Anthem Lights, what job would you have?
-I’d probably be pursuing music in another capacity (on the business side).
Most unusual/funny on-stage experience?
-At end of the “Rock & Worship Roadshow” we (along with most of the artists on the tour) crashed Lecrae's set and danced with him onstage...that was so much fun.

The best prank you’ve ever pulled on a fellow band mate?
-We’re not huge pranksters (yet). We’ve had some good ones pulled on us though! Bart Millard of MercyMe was trying to describe us from stage as a "new" band, but it came out "Anthem Lights...they're like the New Kids On The Block!" Everybody laughed, including us. haha.

Dogs or cats?
-I’m not much of animal person…haha. I’d choose dogs over cats though. Chad is a HUGE dog lover. 
If you could go back in time, who would you choose to meet?
-I’ve always been fascinated with American history, so to meet someone involved with the earlier years of the U.S. like George Washington or Benjamin Franklin would be crazy cool.

Android or iOS? 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "Contact" by The Benjamin Gate

I thought I'd highlight one of my favorite Christian Music releases this Throwback Thursday! Released in 2002, "Contact" was the second and last release from The Benjamin Gate. So can read my Throwback Thursday post dedicated to their career as a band here.

"Contact" brought a softer, contemporary rock sound which differed from their 2001 debut, "[untitled]", which had a strong electronic rock vibe. You can still hear the electronic influences in "Contact", but they've been tamed quite a bit.

"Contact" starts things off strong with "Lift Me Up", a track with driving bass and fast guitars. Adrianne's (You may know her as "Adie") voice is gorgeous on this song, and her accent lends such a unique sound! The lyrics speak of homesickness, but a passion for their ministry as well. "This Is Not" brings The Benjamin Gate's electro-rock sound back, the verse's lyrics are great, acknowledging sin and the need to be set free. The one downfall of this album is the repetitiveness of the chorus lyrics in almost every song. Usually the choruses on this album are two or three phrases repeated, which is a little disappointing, but not every song is like that.

"The Calling". My favorite song off the album, "The Calling" is a beautiful song of encouragement to a friend to answer the Calling of God on their life. Adrienne's vocals are stunning on this track! "Do What You Say" is a fun rock track dedicated to those who don't "practice what they preach".

"Overkill" ties with 'The Calling" for Adrienne's best vocal performance. Her technique is really beautiful, and her accent brings a refreshing uniqueness. "Overkill" tells us not to worry, but to trust God in all we do. "Need" is a great track, with a different beat and has some of the best lyrics on the album, but the chorus suffers from repetition. "Light" is a nice track, and I like the distorted vocals in the middle. They add an element of surprise and a heavier feel to the track.

"Your Kisses Blind Me" is a unique take on a relationship with God, but the chorus suffers slightly by weak lyrics, (3/4 of it is three lines of "na na na na na na na na") but Adrienne's lovely voice saves it. "Tonight" is unique vocally and musically, and the chorus is not repetitive! "Gratitude" is a song of thankfulness to God for His Grace and Love. Much better than most Praise & Worship music we hear lately, "Gratitude" is strong in every way, yet a fun track!

"The Way You Are" once again gives Adrienne the chance to perform more stunning vocals, however, it never seems she is showing off. The chorus once again has problems with being repetitive, but I've noticed it really doesn't bother me much when I listen to this album. I suppose it's a matter of taste. "Violently" is one of the edgier tracks, bringing a strong drum and guitar intro, with Adrienne's voice proclaiming "Gotta fight til we reach You!". Unfortunately that phrase is repeated 8 times. For that reason, it takes this track down several notches. Other than the chorus, this is a great, edgy Praise & Worship song I would recommend to Worth Dying For fans.

"Fall Away" is the closing track....or so I thought. I listened to this album several times before I found the surprise halfway through this track. "Fall Away" is strong in every way, guessed it, the CHORUS! At 2:54, "Fall Away" I did not notice there were over 3 minutes left on the track, I don't know...haha! After about 30 seconds, we are greeted with....A REMIX OF "THE CALLING"! What? Originally, "The Calling" is an acoustic based song, but the remix brings an electro-rock edge to it, and it equals, if not betters the original! It was a pleasant surprise!

"Contact" is a great album with two flaws: the repetitiveness of roughly half the album's choruses, and the lack of slow songs on the album. I personally don't think the lack of slower songs is a deal breaker for me, with "Need" and "The Calling" being the only "slower" tracks. However, for being released in 2002, "Contact" stills brings a fresh sound that I wish a few more artists would bring back. This is a must have project, and it's a real shame The Benjamin Gate broke up after such an awesome album.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Interview: Skyhawk Drive!

I recently had the privilege of conducting an interview with Ronnie Bingaman, lead singer of Skyhawk Drive. Skyhawk Drive is an up and coming band from Greencastle, PA, and has released an EP, "Center Stage Shout Out" in 2009. Currently Skyhawk Drive is in the studio at Skies Fall, recording a new album! I'm super stoked for it! It was a great privilege to interview Ronnie, and make sure and check out The Extreme Tour site to see when Skyhawk Drive will visit your area! (I believe they're touring from the middle of June through mid-July on the Extreme Tour.)  My questions are in black, and Skyhawk Drive's answers are in red. Enjoy!

Can you please tell us a bit about how Skyhawk Drive was formed and the story behind the band name?
The band was started back in high school for an English project. We had to read a book and then present it in front of the class in a creative way. We made  the band, wrote a song about the book, and made a little music video for it. "Skyhawk Drive" came from a street name in a town not to far from ours=) 

Your first album, “Center Stage Shout Out” was released in 2009, and “Their Dance, Your Chance” became a hit in Japan, China and the Philippines. What was it like seeing your song doing so well in other countries?
We are all really happy with how "big" its gotten. For us 30 some thousand views on Youtube is big. Haha it might not seem like anything compared to other bigger music videos but to us we were stoked with the response.

“Finest Mistake” is an amazing song with a Pro-Life message. Can you explain what inspired you to write the song?
The song was written about a close friend of the bands. She went through this situation and we saw her go through those hard times. She is now married and is the mother of a beautiful baby girl. It took a lot of faith and and courage to do what she did in that situation and it was really inspiring to us.

Currently you guys are at Skies Fall Studios recording your second album. What can we expect lyrically and musically from this record?
You guys can expect a ton from this new record. It really has shown how we have grown as Christians, people, and musicians. The songs are a little edgier but still keep that pop catchy feel. We grew up and so has our music. We're tired of the super happy pop sound so we've  changed it up a bit. The Ep shows off our more "popish" songs out of all our new music. We hope to soon after, record  full length with everything we've written in the past few months.

Of course, who can ask about recording at Skies Fall without asking what it’s like to work with Ben Kasica and Nick Radovanovic? =)
Ben and Nick are really great guys! It was intimidating at first because we're all Skillet fans. We learned how awesome Nick's old band, Acceptance, was after getting into the studio. They are both extremely talented musicians. Working with them has been really incredible for us and I count it as a huge blessing to able to work with such a great team on this!

Who has influenced Skyhawk Drive the most as a band?
We really take so many influences from so many places. Too many to even list. Theres a huge list of bands that influence us, movies even influence us, God and His word, situations influence us, and people and life in general is all an influence.  

I’m sure some hilarious stuff happens while touring. Can you share with us one of those “moments”?
One time after a show we packed up all our gear and pulled out of the venue and drove about 15 minutes and realized we left our drummer at the venue. All of our phones were either dead or on silent so we didnt get his calls=)

I bet touring can be hectic and stressful at times. How do you guys keep up your relationship with God while touring?
Our keyboardist is actually just now graduating from high school this spring. Because of that we really haven't been able to tour much at all. We pretty much have been limited to weekend shows. Our first official tour will be this summer across the east coast and some in the mid west. The band, thankfully, hasnt taken a big toll on any relationships thus far. If anything its strengthened our walk with Christ. We've definitely had some stressful times that we needed to rely on Gods strength and guidance to get us through it=)

If you could tour anywhere in the world with any band, where and who would it be?
I would love to do a European tour and I really wanna play a Flevo fest in Holland haha. We would love to tour with 30 seconds to mars, Paramore, Relient K, SKillet, or Switchfoot. Any of those bands would be incredible to tour with!

Could you please share with us the members of Skyhawk Drive’s favorite Scripture?
As a band we all like the verse Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." That verse has gotten me personally through battles and hardships. Its engraved on my necklace that I wear all the time so its an easy reminder to all of us that God has everything under control even when we can see it.

In what ways have you seen your music affect your fans?
A lot of people have come up to us after shows in the past years and told us their stories and how our songs have given them hope and helped them in their time of need. Its the coolest thing ever to hear stories like that because you know God has used you in some way. Its probably the most rewarding part about being in a band.

Now, since Skyhawk Drive is from right here in Pennsylvania, I have to ask….Steelers or Eagles? =P
What or what? Eagles are pretty cool birds. I hope they don't go extinct. Steeling isn't good so I'm not about that. (we're not into sports haha)

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions. Would you like to share any closing thoughts?
Thanks for asking us these questions=) 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Church Of Rhythm

Hmmm...Church of Rhythm...who could that be?

Ever heard of.....


Yeah, I thought so! Max Hsu and Dave Ghazarian (members of Superchick) were originally in a band called "Church Of Rhythm" which released 2 full length albums as well as a remix album in the mid-90's. Jason Gregory and Paul Shamoun sang the vocals, with Max and Dave on guitars, Jerome Cunningham played the bass, and Matt Miller hit out the drum beats.

Church Of Rhythm only lasted for about four years (1995-1999) before Max and Dave moved on to Superchick. During that four year period of time, Church Of Rhythm released "Church Of Rhythm" (1995), which sold over 50,000 copies, and "Not Perfect" (1996).

When I was younger, my Grandma gave me a compilation cd called "Music You Can Believe In", which featured Church Of Rhythm's track, "I Still Believe". I LOVED this song as a kid, and played it over, and over, and over.....I don't even remember the rest of the songs on that cd! I rummaged around Youtube, and managed to find this track that some organization made a music video for back in 1996. Enjoy in all it's 90's cheesiness! :P

According to a Superchick interview, Church Of Rhythm split up when all the members except Max and Dave got married. Max and Dave started Superchick, and not long after met Tricia and Melissa Brock. As you well know, the rest is history!

New Single: Icon For Hire

One of Tooth & Nail's most recent signings has a new single out! Icon For Hire is a promising new Christian Rock band that is set to play at many of the largest Christian music festivals this summer. Icon For Hire is releasing their first full-length album, tentatively titled, "Scripted" on August 23, 2011. Their new single, "Make A Move" is already hitting the airwaves with great response. Take a listen and let me know what you think! I really like it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Having a hard time believing in yourself?

So one of my Twitter pals tweeted this today. It made me laugh so hard, so I thought I'd share it with you guys!