Sunday, December 11, 2011

Music Review: "Christmas Together EP" by Jamie Grace

Looking for some good Christmas music? This four song EP recently released by Jamie Grace is sure to give you that Christmas cheer!

The EP starts with "Christmas Together", an original fun song about the times we share as a family during the holidays. Jamie Grace's music has always been fun beats with a positive message, and this song fits the bill perfectly. "Christmas Together" is full of witty lyrics, but brings everything together to remind us cherish the times we have as family together at Christmas.

I really like Jamie Grace's spin on "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"; one of my favorite Christmas songs! Jamie Grace takes an awesome classic and add a fun beat and her signature vocal style. It's definitely a different take, but a great one!

When I saw she had covered "Christmas Don't Be Late", I had to smile. This is such a cute song, and Jamie Grace brings the fun and whimsy of this song to 2011. Definitely a fun track, even if it is a little unexpected.

The final song is "What Child Is This", and features fellow Gotee labelmate, Abandon Kansas. This is the more serious song on the EP, and they did a great job collaborating. This version of "What Child Is This" has become one of my favorites. Once again, Jamie Grace puts her spin on a classic, adds her beautiful voice, as well as Jeremy Spring's great vocals. The addition of "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus" just adds to the beauty of this song. Best track on the EP!

Jamie Grace has done a great job on this EP. She's taken classics, put her own spin on them, and made something for everyone.You can get the album on iTunes or Amazon MP3 for a really good price!

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