Sunday, December 4, 2011

My predictions for Christian Grammy Winners 2012!

I was sorely disappointed at the number of nominees for the Gospel Category. Quite small. But, I guess that's what we have the Dove's for. Here are my picks for winners. You can see the list of Christian nominees at Justin's Christian Music Spot.

Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance:
"Do Everything" by Steven Curtis Chapman. It's innovative, fresh and creative. You gotta love the guy. SCC consistently puts out great Christian music, and he is the forefather of Contemporary Christian music. No contest.

Best Gospel Song:
"Sitting With Me" by Mary Mary. There are some strong contenders in this category, but in my opinion this is the best written. Love this song and the message behind it.

Best Contemporary Christian Music Song:
I am torn between "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace and "Blessings" by Laura Story. Both are great songs, and congratulations to both of them for getting the nods so early in their careers. Laura Story will probably win, but I'm hoping for a Jamie Grace takeover. If Chris Tomlin wins I will throw something.

Best Gospel Album:
I've only heard two albums from this list, and I'm having a hard time between "Hello Fear" and "Something Big". Both are excellent albums with rave reviews, but I think I will go with "Something Big" by Mary Mary.

Best Contemporary Christian Album:
Most of these I don't really listen to, seeing how I like Rock better, but I was surprised at Royal Tailor's nomination. I think it will be between Gungor and Brandon Heath, but I hope Royal Tailor wins. If Chris Tomlin wins I will be quite angry.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog. :) Cool choices for Grammy awards. I found it funny how you hope that for once someone other than Chris Tomlin will walk away with the Contemporary Christan awards. lol :D The Gospel awards are so hard for me to predict since Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin both have good chances of winning them. For Christan song, I'm guessing "Blessings" by Laura Story just because of how successful it was. As for the others, not sure. :)