Friday, March 25, 2011

FM Static.....1 out of 4 ain't bad!

I just recently purchased the FM Static Trilogy, "3 Out Of 4 Ain't Bad"! This 3 disc collection is of FM Static cd's they have put out, featuring "What Are You Waiting For?", "Critically Ashamed", and "Dear Diary". I plan to review all three, and what better way to start things of with the first cd, "What Are You Waiting For?".

FM Static kicks things off with "Three Days Later", which is a fun song about a girl he can't take his mind off. It's funny, all the FM Static cd's are like Trevor McNevan's high school sagas. This cd is almost like his Freshman year, discovering God and relationships. Not much in the way of spirituality in this song, but hey, we all need to hear a fun song every once in a while. "Three Days Later" has a fun pop/punk vibe, and is just one of those songs that's fun to sing along with!

"Crazy Mary" brings some depth to the album, and is a song for a hurting friend. I really like this song, and it's one of my favorites on the album. Trevor sings of "teaching her how to walk away" when she feels like running, and this is a very positive song with a message of trying to help a friend in need. "Crazy Mary" features some great music, and I appreciate a song that carries such an important message without taking away from the "fun" aspect of the album.

Third up is "Something To Believe In", is punk all the way. Here's where the "finding God" aspect of the album comes in. "Something To Believe In" describes the confusion we can feel as we try to sort out our beliefs for ourselves, and cement that true relationship with song. I enjoy the music very much, and I'm sure every teenager can relate to the message in this song.
"Definitely Maybe" is probably the first FM Static song I had heard. We're back to the romantic relationship aspect of the album, but Trevor manages to keep the "cheesy" aspect out, and the fun lyrics people can relate to. Who hasn't liked a person, but that person was in a relationship with someone who didn't care about them? This song is funny,yet ,makes a point, and has that awesome punk/pop sound FM Static is famous for. WIN!

"Donna" is the next track, and brings punk, punk, and more punk! It's another fun song, with a special meaning of finding who we are. "Donna" is another relationship song as well, and Trevor addresses the song to her...or rather, Trevor's "alter ego". :P Not much depth, but another fun song to enjoy!

Halfway through the album now, we hit "All The Days". I noticed this album seems kind of short, but it really isn't at about 40 minutes. Maybe it's because of all the fast songs? Hmmm.... but back to the song! It's sort of an ode to Freshman year, and the beginning of SUMMER! However, it takes the time to remind us to remember the important times in our lives, and also, to look ahead! It's very much a fun song, and I love the music! What gets better than that?

"Hold Me Twice" reverts back to Freshman Year. This song brings a bit of electronic vibes to the punk pop aspect of FM Static. Trevor speaks of himself as "the loser" who likes "that girl". But she doesn't notice him...but so he thinks. Turns out, SHE HAS! Then they meet....then she moves....but he wrote her a letter! I just find myself laughing at the "awkwardness" portrayed in this song. 
Yeah! "The Notion" has a fun beat, one of my favorites musically on this album. The lyrics are...once...again: girls, school, music, and having fun. There isn't a whole lot spiritually on this album, but it makes for fun listening. 
"October" is the 8th fast song on this album. "Crazy Mary" is really the only "slower track". But anyway....can you guess what this song is about......GIRLS! AND TREVOR'S ALTER EGO BEING AWKWARD! Lol, this album is fun, so why can't I have fun with my review? Apparently this girl awkward-trevor's-alter-ego really liked, but she was too cool. Now she's a model, and has been in magazines, and apparently has a pretty good career. The song in a nutshell.

Next to last is "My First Stereo"....this song is straight up hilarious. HAAA-LAR-I-OUS! It's an ode to Trevor's first stereo. When he starts the song off, it sounds like a serious song to God, or a really important person, but then he launches into this song about his stereo. The lyrics to the chorus: Everyone wants, everyone needs, Everyone hurts sometimes like me,It never rejects me, always accepts me,Nothing can compete with my first stereo! HA!

Finally, there is a hidden track. The only slow song on the album, is....about...GIRLS! What is Trevor's Freshman in High School alter ego doing in a club spinning records? Aren't 14 year olds a little young to be "in da' club"? Maybe it was a Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. Ha..."Hey Now, Hey Now a yow ow ow...." (Trevor sounds a lot cooler when he sings that)

 Ok, I had to have fun with this album. "What Are You Waiting For" is just so upbeat and fun, you have a hard time trying to be serious in a review. If you are in high school, like early Hawk Nelson music, or just pop/punk in general, be sure to pick up the Trilogy at your local Christian Bookstore,  iTunes or Zune Marketplace. 


  1. Great Job! It sounds like a really cool and funny album! Now I need to get it! LoL :)

  2. Totally awesome!! I love their music, and their new CD coming out sounds amazing!