Thursday, March 31, 2011

Throwback Thursday: The Brothers

"Hmmm" you may think to yourself..."Who on earth are The Brothers?" Well....

FAMILY FORCE 5. Yep. Back in the 90's, Solomon, Jacob, and Joshua, a.k.a Soul Glow Activator, Crouton, and Fatty had a little boy band called, "The Brothers". They released two albums, "Fact And Reality" (1994) and "RPM" (1995). I can't find much info on their time as a boy band, but I did find some videos they made.

So  if you're a FF5 fan, prepare to laugh. Or enjoy.

Their music video, called "Make My House A Home":

Another music video! Lol I LOVE this one....totally Family Force 5! Haha!

A song from "Fact And Reality" featuring some very high vocals and two bowl haircuts!

I thought this was pretty cool! I'm not exactly a fan of FF5, but I thought this was awesome!


  1. Ha ha Thats awesome! I had never seen those! They look so little! LoL Thanks for posting it!

  2. Wow!!! I had no idea!!! I actually think they weren't that bad, although their voices are much better now. x) Thanks for sharing! :)