Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Stuff!

Well I am FINALLY back from Kentucky. It was a blast and God really moved at the Fire Conference! Hopefully I can get some blogging done soon. However, I was tagged by Jay to do this really cool thing? Lol but it was super fun, and here are my answers!

My ten bands to play with:
1. Steven Curtis Chapman
2. Attalus
3. The Lost Colors
4. Anthem Lights
5. FM Static
6. Jamie Grace
7. Britt Nicole
8. Carman
9. The Benjamin Gate
10. Skillet

Q. What was the first song that you ever heard by number six? (Jamie Grace)
A. "Mighty To Save". I hadn't even heard of her, and found some of her behind the scenes videos of the iShine Live tour, and saw her sing. I was really impressed, and kept an eye on her. I love her Gotee Records debut EP, "Hold Me"!

Q. What is your favorite song by number eight? (Carman)
A. Ahaha! Oh man...probably "Satan, Bite The Dust" or "America Again". Hmm..."There Is A God" is a great song! How can I choose just one? :P

Q. What kind of impact has number one had on your life? (Steven Curtis Chapman)
A.Wow....Steven Curtis Chapman's music has played a HUGE role in my life. I have loved his music ever since I was teeny tiny, and he is the reason I love Christian music today. He also autographed a picture and sent it to me in the mail when I was about 10, and that gave me such a greater respect for him, as he took the time to autograph a picture with a little message for a little girl who hadn't even seen him in concert. Also his strength through his daughter Maria's death was amazing, and I have so much respect for him.

Q. What is your favorite lyric by number five? (FM Static)
A. Probably every line in "Take Me As I Am" as it is such a beautiful song about coming before Christ, admitting that we don't have everything sorted out.

Q. How many times have you seen number four in concert? (Anthem Lights)
A. Aaack!! not at all!! This has been the cause of much sorrow and grief....

Q. What is your favorite song by number seven? (Britt Nicole)
A. Tie between "Have Your Way" and "When She Cries"

Q. Is there any song by number three that makes you sad? (The Lost Colors)
A. Not really. "Blame" is very thought provoking, but it doesn't make me sad.

Q. What is your favorite song by number nine? (The Benjamin Gate)
A. Definitely "The Calling". Awesome song. The remix I was surprised by (Last track on "Contact", about 3:35 in) is even better!

Q. How did you first discover number two? (Attalus)
A. I had started a forum post on NRT, and somehow Cara told me about them. They are an amazing indie band! You NEED to check them out!

Q. How did you first discover number three? (The Lost Colors)
A. Also thanks to Cara! She recommended this band as an alternative to Paramore, and they are also amazing! 

Q. What is your favorite song by number four? (Anthem Lights)
A. "Circles". The song is so stirring and challenging. I love it!

Q. Is there a song by number eight that makes you sad? (Carman)
A. No. Carman never fails to make me laugh.

Q. How many times have you seen number six live? (Jamie Grace)
A. Unfortunately, none. Not many artists I want to see come to my area. :(

Q. What is your favorite song by number one? (Steven Curtis Chapman)
A. Ooo that is a tough one. "Live Out Loud" and "Yours" are my favorites. 

Q. How did you become a fan of number ten? (Skillet)
A. This is a very long story I'm not sure I'm ready to tell in full. But, long story short, I picked up "Comatose" after hearing "The Last Night", and God really used the entire album to change my life. Words cannot describe how much this album means to me, and I'm sure countless others. Skillet will always have a special place in my heart, and their music is amazing, from John's blonde, spiky hair days to whoever their newest guitarist will be. Skillet is AMAZING! :P

Well, thanks Jay for tagging me! I had so much fun with this. Since Jay tagged everyone I would have sure to check out the blogs I have listed on the right hand side of the screen!


  1. Cool post! It was really fun to read! I did it too and it was a blast! :)

  2. Great answers! Totally different than mine, and definitely a fun read. :) Glad you had fun with it!

  3. Cool answers! Thanks for sharing! :)