Thursday, April 28, 2011

Throwback Thursday: FIGHTING TIME!

Instead of the "normal" Throwback Thursday, I thought I'd switch it up and throw two inactive bands in the ring to duel it out and see who wins! So we have....

Petra vs. Stryper!

I plan on featuring both of these bands on a future Throwback Thursday, don't worry! But here we have two of the most popular Christian bands that changed Christian Rock forever. Petra, with their solid riffs and great lyrics, and Stryper with their controversial look and music.

Forgetting all their controversies, I'm going to pit two of their most populars songs against each other, and you  guys can leave me a comment with your pick! The winner will be announced on Monday!

To start things off...."Judas' Kiss" by Petra.

And to challenge Petra, we have...

"Soldiers Under Command" by Stryper.

So who do you think deserves to win the first Throwback Thursday Smackdown? Leave a comment with your vote and let your voice be heard!


  1. Both bands I am somewhat a fan of. Petra I honestly liked a lot better with John Schlitt, but that was probably my favorite song by them from before he became lead singer. I'm a big fan of stryper (they are now back as a band as of I think 2009), and that's one of my top songs by them.

    So my vote would have to go to Stryper in this case. :)

  2. I totally go with Stryper, I grew up listening to their music! :)