Thursday, April 21, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Day Of Fire


Ok, so I know it doesn't have the same ring as Rebecca Black's "Friday", but, I don't care. :) Sorry there wasn't a Throwback Thursday last week! I totally forgot until Friday...sorry! Well, anyway, let's get to the band!

Day of Fire

The story of Day Of Fire is really interesting. Josh Brown, the lead singer and founder of the band, started a band called Full Devil Jacket. They signed to Island Records, made one EP, toured with Nickelback and Creed, then nearly died of a heroin overdose. Wait, what? 

In the middle of the Creed tour, Josh Brown nearly died from overdosing on heroin. Through this event in Josh's life, he began to try to turn his life around by going to rehab. Speaking of the event, Josh has stated in an interview: "After I overdosed, I went straight into rehab. In rehab I finally had time to clear my head and search myself, and I realized that I wasn't alone. I was able to see that there were a lot of other people in there that were going through the same challenges as me. I also remembered that Jesus was still with me." 

After Josh got out of rehab, he gave his life back to God during the recording of Full Devil Jacket's second album. He didn't feel any peace about making the album, and left the band. One night, he went to church and received prayer for his drug addiction, and God instantly delivered him from drugs!

Eventually, he started Day of Fire, and their self-titled first album came out in 2004. It was a huge success, and garnered a Dove Award for Rock Album of the year and a Grammy nomination. In 2006, they released "Cut And Move", which also garnered good reviews. Jesus Freak Hideout gave the album 4 out of 5 stars, saying, "Cut & Move remains to be a solid sophomore effort that easily bests the band's debut and just might simply be one of the finer rock offerings you'll find this Summer." 

The last album Day Of Fire gave us was "Losing All" released in 2010. In 2007, they announced they were no longer on Essential Records, and this album was released on Razor & Tie Records. "Losing All" was deemed a "good album", and Day Of Fire toured with Saving Abel, Cold, Papa Roach, and a few other bands in support of the album.

In June of 2010 Day Of Fire announced they were on an indefinite hiatus. Josh Brown played a reunion show with Full Devil Jacket, and later decided to create a new band with his former Full Devil Jacket bandmate Jonathan Montoya called A New Rebel. I noticed the members were former members of Saving Abel and Bobaflex, so I hope his new material will be Christian. I, of course, do not know anything about these new guys, so please don't think I am labeling them unChristian.

So did you like Day of Fire? Let me know in the comments!

- Lisa
P.S. Be sure to read the whole interview with Josh Brown here. It's very good!


  1. I LOVE Day of Fire! :) My favorite song by them is "Run." That's too bad that their stopping for now. :( I hadn't heard of that.

  2. Aw man! I was wondering what happened to Day of Fire! They are one of the best bands ever... especially their debut with "Rain"! Some great worship as well as some awesome rock n' roll!

    GREAT Throwback Thursday! I hope that the new stuff from the members is Christian, because I'm sure I would love it. :)