Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Versus: "Flyleaf" vs. "Flyleaf EP"


In 2004, an up and coming female-fronted band released an EP. What band? Flyleaf, that's who! A year later, their full album released to great response from both the mainstream and Christian markets. There are a lot of things that changed from the EP to the full release though, so today we're going to put the two releases against each other, and decide whether we like the original versions of the songs better, or the ones off the full-length album.

The first two songs to duke it out are: I'm So Sick vs. I'm So Sick (EP Version)

The original version is very different than the version that made it onto Flyleaf's debut album. The original version seems to be in a higher key, has more screaming, a bridge and a tag. I prefer most of this version compared to the album version. The bridge and tag on this version really strengthens the song, but the album version seems to be in a better key. That being said, "I'm So Sick (EP Version)" wins this battle.

"Fully Alive" vs. "Fully Alive" (EP Version)

I like the album version of this song better, although I really like the raw sound of the EP version. The album version with the guitar solo wins out, as it sounds more polished and because I'm a sucker for guitar solos. :)

"Breathe Today" vs. "Breathe Today" (EP Version)
Why, oh WHY did Flyleaf cut out the intro to "Breathe Today" found on the EP version? It added so much to the song. The one problem I have with the EP version is there's a weird reverb on Lacey's voice that you can hear in certain parts. However, that's not a huge deal. The EP version wins this battle with the great intro. This was a close one, because the album version is just as good, but the EP version barely had the edge with the intro.

"I'm Sorry" vs. "I'm Sorry" (EP Version)
This is the one song on the EP that the album version clearly wins over. Both versions are good, however the album version seems to be in a better key and packs more of a punch.

"Cassie" vs. "Cassie" (EP Version)
However, "Cassie" (EP Version) clearly wins over the album version. The intro is more in your face, the raw sound of the EP version hits hard, and it's nice to hear Lacey's screams not be messed with. The only problem is they used that strange reverb again.

"Red Sam" vs. "Red Sam" (EP Version)
Once again, the EP version is victorious over the album version. Lacey's vocals seem stronger and more personal, and that weird reverb actually works on this song. I wish they would've left the bridge in the album version. There is no question in my mind that the EP version is the best.

Now to tally up the wins....
Album Version Wins: 2     EP Version Wins: 4

It's definitely a matter of taste when it comes to comparing the different versions. The EP has a raw feel to it, with messier guitars (not skill-wise, for sure!) and untouched screams, as well as a few unexpected intros and bridges. The album versions of the songs polished to perfection, with cleaner guitars, a few lyric cuts, and smoother vocals. Both albums are extremely good, and deserve a place in your music library. The EP has been pulled off iTunes, but you can still buy it at Amazon MP3 for only $3.61. Who can pass up a deal like that? 

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  1. Yeah, I have to say I like the album better, just because of the polished sound to it. A few of the songs are a little more creative on the EP, though.