Sunday, June 19, 2011

Memento Mori by Flyleaf Review

I’ve been a fan of Flyleaf for a while now, with their debut album, “Flyleaf” being an all-time favorite in my music library. Flyleaf’s second album was released in 2009, and successfully managed to avoid the “sophomore slump”.
      Starting the album off is “Beautiful Bride”, an anthem for the Church today to unite and be strengthened through him. Flyleaf brings their signature sound, and Lacey’s voice is stunning. “Again”, one of Memento Mori’s first singles comes second, and is full of amazing lyrics such as “They don’t have to understand you, be still, wait, and know I understand you, be still!” This song is full of power and passion from start to finish.
      “Chasm” hits hard, with a warning message of Hell. This song follows the story Jesus told of the rich man and Lazarus, as told in Luke 16:19-31. (Please read this, it will really stir your heart for the lost.) The chorus is basically the rich man crying out, knowing the horrors of Hell. “Please, give me something, I’m so thirsty, I’m so thirsty! Please, let me warn them, don’t you come here! Don’t bring anyone here!” This song really stirred me, as during a sermon preached at my Grandmother’s church (nearly all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins are unsaved, but they go to the church.) the preacher had some of us read letters from someone we knew that went to Hell. I chose my Aunt Deana, who died in a horrific car crash, and based it off this song. “Chasm” is an amazing song, and as Lacey says, there is nothing more loving than to warn someone of Hell.
      “Missing” is slightly different from the normal style of Flyleaf songs, carrying a little synth and more of a pop rock feel. Lacey sings of missing the love of Christ in her life, and her vocals are passionate and strong. “This Close” follows, and is one of the best songs off the album. The lyrics are raw and honest, but best of all, Lacey really draws the listener in and you can really relate to this song. “The Kind” warns against promiscuity, and the “loveliness of sin” that quickly becomes a raging monster. There’s a lot less screaming in this album, but “The Kind” brings a small taste of that towards the end.
      “In The Dark” was the song that got me hooked on Flyleaf. This is such an amazing song, from start to finish. Powerful vocals, lyrics that describe things almost everyone goes through. The chorus pleads, “Jesus, kill me inside this, raise me up to live again, like you did, like you did!” The bridge is the strongest part of the song, with the Light (Christ) coming in, and Lacey screaming, “Damn the DARK!” This is by far one the best tracks on the album. One of the things I really like about Flyleaf’s screaming is it always sounds like a prayer or a plea, not someone just yelling to yell.
      “Set Apart This Dream” tells the story of two girls, one a pretty little girl who is abused, yet dreams of a place full of love and joy, while the other has been sold into human slavery as a prostitute, but dreams of a place where we only cry from joy. Lacey passionately reassures them God loves them and they are pure, clean, and lovely before Him, not the worthless beings they have been told they are. “Swept Away” is another heavy-hitter, with Lacey accusing a man of being a false teacher, demonic in his motives and deeds done just for show. However, the chorus encourages forgiveness and love, which brings healing to the broken Church. Lacey’s screaming returns in this song, and really sets the mood for this song: passionate and angry, yet having a desire for healing and change.
      “Tiny Heart” changes things up, with a beautiful slower beat, and could definitely be seen as either a love song to us from God or a love song to someone who doesn’t know how much we care for them. A creepy interlude follows, and brings us to “Treasure”, a moving song that talks of once we go through the trial fire, we become God’s treasure.  This song relates to Job’s story in the Bible, as well as I Peter 1:7. “Circle” speaks of the sacrifice Jesus made for us at Calvary, yet we won’t receive him. Lacey’s vocals mourn that she “left His arms empty, and outstretched for me until he died.” The true theme of this song is the amazing Love of God. This is a beautiful song about the crucifixion and coming to Christ.
      “Arise” ends the album, encouraging the listener not to give up, to arise and be everything they dreamed; to fight for what’s right and be strong in Christ. I didn’t think Flyleaf could get any better, but they really turned it up a notch for this song. Lacey’s vocals have never sounded better or more passionate.
      “Memento Mori” is a must-have for your music library. The album is full of Biblical messages, passionate, meaningful lyrics, Lacey’s amazing vocals, and of course that signature Flyleaf sound.

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  1. I love Flyleaf! They make songs with deep meanings. I used to research on their "song's history". I'm glad you posted this! :)