Thursday, June 16, 2011

Throwback Thursday: DigHayZoose

Ok, I have to admit, I picked this band for Throwback Thursday simply because of the HILARIOUS name. Apparently "DigHayZoose" is a misspelled version of the Spanish way to say "Dig Jesus".

One of the first Christian Alternative bands, DigHayZoose was considered to be a clone of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction. DigHayZoose released their first album, "Strugglefish" in 1991. Tours followed, and they even played at Cornerstone Festival. "MagentaMantaLoveTree" released in 1993, and clocked in at an astounding 65 minutes. Personally I find most of their music a little strange, as they claimed to use the language of psychedelia to create bizarre and unusual lyrics, but, it WAS the 90's. Their music was definitely rock tinged with Praise & Worship, with all the 90's craziness thrown in. After being released from their contract in 1994, DigHayZoose announced their leave from the record label at Cornerstone Festival and released on final album in 1995. They searched for a new label and made a handful of demos before disbanding in 1997.

Bil Brown, the bassist, created a "neo-psychedelic" Christian band called "Hot Pink Turtle" and they released one album, entitled, (and I kid you not) "TickleWiggleJigglePickle". Ummm....ok. It was reviewed as a "hodge podge of music and meanings". This is definitely one of the craziest bands I've ever heard of. I keep reminding myself, "It was the 90's, it was the 90's."

The band reunited in 2005 to rerecord their material from the Infrared era, and several band members have side projects now. I wonder what they will name their albums..."Funkymonkeychunkyklunky"?

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