Sunday, February 13, 2011

Favorite Christian Comedians

I absolutely LOVE comedy! Who doesn't? Sadly, it's hard to find good, clean comedians. However, there are several funny Christian comedians, and I thought I'd share my favorites with you!

Brad Stine:

Everything I've heard from Brad is completely clean, and he often mixes apologetics and comedy together. He is a hilarious guy, and I would say "Wussification" and "Put A Helment On" are his best albums.

Jeff Allen:

Once again, Jeff Allen is also hilarious and clean. I haven't heard a complete album from him, but I would recommend buying the "Apostles Of Comedy" dvd which features Jeff Allen, Brad Stine, Ron Pearson, and Anthony Griffith.

Ron Pearson:

He is so funny! Check him out also on the "Apostles Of Comedy" dvd.

Anthony Griffith:

I love this clip. I laugh every time! He is also on the "Apostles Of Comedy" dvd.

Chonda Pierce:

Most of her stuff is pretty funny. I would recommend her older albums, as they contain funnier material.


Funny stuff! He was on "Thou Shalt Laugh 2".

Last but not least......TIM HAWKINS!

I love Tim Hawkins! His stuff is great, and he's as clean as it gets.

Other good comedians:
Bob Smiley
Thor Ramsey
Michael Jr.

I'd love to see your favorite Christian comedians! Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite.

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  1. I love those! I had seen all but two of those before! :D I guess I keep up with Christian comedians somewhat.