Friday, February 11, 2011

The Lost Colors (Indie Review)

As I was searching for new bands, I came across a great band called The Lost Colors, thanks to Cara from

The Lost Colors is a pop/rock band hailing from Wichita, Kansas. Their Reverb Nation profile describes them as, " five friends united by not only a passion for music, but also a love for Jesus Christ. The group began their career playing various shows to gain recognition around the Wichita area, and soon began branching out to the surrounding regions."

Their debut EP, "The Lost Colors" was released in May of 2009. Containing three songs, it gave us just a little taste of what The Lost Colors is all about.

 The EP starts off with "Blame", and begins with a beautiful piano intro, which later in the chorus turns into a nice guitar riff. Ellie begins to sing of a person who is hurting and angry, and begins to blame others for what they have done to themselves. I really like the lyrics of the bridge, that say, " I know that it's easy to blame everyone else, for our own lack of motivation, and I know that it's easy to blame everyone else, than fixing our own situations." "Blame" is a great song, and I enjoy the music as well as the lyrics. Ellie has a distinct voice, strong in it's own way.

The second track is "Turn Around". It begins with some crashing cymbals that I really love, and crescendos into additional guitar and piano. Ellie's haunting voice begins to sing, "I can't find myself, I'm lost in misery, I don't know where to run, when they chase me..." This song is a great encouragement to those who are hurting. The lyrics and music are once again great. The Lost Colors are amazing songwriters, and very talented musically.

Since this is an EP, there aren't that many songs. Lastly, we have "Say OK". A rocking anthem to not run from our call, to stand up and "Say Ok". The intro to this track is very "ear catching" and they don't disappoint. However, I was disappointed this was the last track.

In closing, The Lost Colors is an amazing indie band, and already they have shared the stage with Red, Emery, and Relient K. Be sure to keep your eye on them, and buy their EP on iTunes. It's only a couple bucks, and well worth it. I give "The Lost Colors EP" a 4.5 out of 5.

Check out their YouTube page for Behind The Scenes videos from their recording session, as well as on tour.

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  1. I just took a listen to them on YouTube. I really like it! Thanks for bringing me upon this band.