Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Britt Nicole "Acoustic" Review!

Britt Nicole released an acoustic EP in August of 2010. However, I wouldn't really call it "acoustic" in the strictest sense because these songs have drums and other instruments. These are definitely not just "stripped down" versions of 5 songs. The arrangements are different, and Britt seems to have a wider range in this album

For the project, she chose "Hanging On", "Headphones", "Walk On The Water","The Lost Get Found" from her 2009 sophmore cd, and one track, "Set The World On Fire" from her 2007 debut, "Say It". There is also a new song called, "Found By You". I would have liked to see "Say It" or "Sunshine Girl" on this album, but Britt did very well with the songs she chose.

Starting out with "Hanging On". I actually like this version better than the original version. This song has a nice, acoustic feel, the main instruments being an acoustic guitar, an organ, and some simple drums. The sound is slightly different, and just seems to be more personal than the cd version. This song was very well put together.

Next is "Set The World On Fire", which in the beginning was already an acoustic song. However, she redoes the song with a new spin on it. It's not extremely different, but its definitely not a carbon copy of the original. I was surprised with this song; I thought it would be my least favorite because the original was already acoustic. I really enjoyed this song. You can hear more maturity in her range in the acoustic version vs. "Say It's" version.

Pumping through my speakers next is "Headphones". The original was quite bubbly and fun, with a catchy piano vibe and a strong drum track. The acoustic version is done with just an acoustic guitar, slight keyboard, and some drums. This was an AWESOME rendition of "Headphones". It matches the original, if not surpasses the original in it's fun beat, Britt's fantastic vocals, and creativity.

Moving on to "Walk On The Water", Britt starts the song with very soft guitar and piano, her voice being the main focal point. She seems to have more feeling in her voice in this version, stressing words, almost like she is in the room, trying to encourage you. I very much like this song. The lyrics and the music speaks to each listener from Britt's heart.

The fifth track is "The Lost Get Found", which in my opinion is the most drastically different version on the cd. She turns the infectious pop song into a moving ballad, with just a hint of guitar, piano, and a shaker. She once again demonstrates a great range, with amazing feeling in her vocals. I do like the original version better, but this version is very good. 

The final track is her new song, called "Found By You". It starts off with soft piano and a shaker, as Britt sings softly, offering up a prayer for God to guide and direct her, to draw her close to Him. This song is one of my favorites on the album. "Found By You" is written by Britt Nicole and Brandon Heath. They work quite well together, both lyrically and musically as I'm pretty sure that's Heath singing background vocals. 

In conclusion, I very much enjoyed Britt's "Acoustic" album. As a fan of both Britt Nicole and acosutic music, I enjoyed the beautiful arrangements and how you could connect with Britt Nicole through the way she sang passionately about Christ and the hope He gives. Britt Nicole really hit the mark with this album, delivering enjoyable melodies and using her amazing vocal range to her advantage.

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  1. Cool! I didn't even know that she had an acoustic CD. Good review and thanks for the info!