Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun Times At The Zoo!

So today I went to the zoo with my friends! Be prepared for a total toddler freak out. JUST KIDDING! It wasn't that bad. ;)

*Read the following sentence in your best British accent* I say, by George we had a jolly good time at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Why am I writing with a British accent and using British cliches from 100 years ago? More on that later....

It was SUPER hot today...90 degrees! But it was nice and sunny out, and a perfect day for going to the zoo! Unfortunately since it was so hot, a lot of the animals were sleeping or lazing around...however, there were several lively animals as well. There is a baby elephant at the zoo, and he/she is so cute!

 You could get a picture with one of the elephants (Highway robbery at $10 for 2 pictures with your own camera) but there were 10 of us, so we only had to pay $, eh?

Out of all the animals, the sea lions, elephants, and  the polar bear were the most fun to watch. We got to watch the sea lions get fed, and during which they do a lot of cool tricks.

The monkey house is one of the best exhibits at the zoo; let's just say they definitely have character! Check out this guy, who is trying to "pray" for his friend!

Isn't that hilarious?

Now remember that whole British accent sentence? Well, halfway through our time at the zoo, my friend Wesley had us all talking like we were tourists from England. In truth, I bet we sounded pretty silly, but it was really funny to see people reacting to things such as, "I say, ol' chappy" and "By George! These American bobbies are jolly!". Well, after passing a guy who decided to take off his shirt, Wesley  decided he was going to do something about that. My other friend Becky, Wesley and I began to search for this guy. After 15 minutes of wandering around the zoo, we spotted the offending guy. I was not about to confront this guy, so Becky and I hung back while Wesley ran ahead. As he passed Mr. Shirtless, he said, "I say, someone has pick-pocketed your shirt without your notice!" It was HILARIOUS!  The guy just kept walking, so Wesley decided to leave his mark. Once again he found the guy, and this time said, "Ol' Chappy, your shirt has been stolen! I'll buy you a shirt!!" We had a good laugh over this. :P

I had a blast at the zoo. It was just what I needed after a very stressful, work-filled week. The whole English accent thing provided a lot of laughs, and now I have a definite farmer's tan. :) Have you guys done anything fun like this lately? I'd love to hear about it, so be sure to leave a comment!

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  1. HaHaha! That is hilarious and awesome! Sounds like you hd a great time! I love the zoo! One fun thing that I have done is today we went swimming on the lake! It was freezing cold water but it was a blast! Thanks for sharing your zoo story!