Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Loving Memory....

Today marks the one year anniversary of my Grandpap's death. I wrote this the day after he died, and posted it on my NRT blog. I wanted to post it on this blog, because I know at some point in our lives, every one of us faces the death of someone we love. It's hard, whether you've known them a week or all your life. But God doesn't leave us when death happens. Our bodies don't just sit in a grave for eternity. If you are a Christian, you have the hope of Heaven, of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Some day, either after you die or if Christ returns, you will get to see your loved ones again, but this time there will be no pain, no sickness, no disease, and no fear. If you don't have the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ, I want to encourage you to email me with whatever questions you may have, ( or to find a good, Bible-believing Church in your area. You can have the hope of eternal joy and peace in Christ.

My Grandfather died last night. He struggled with lung cancer for 10 years. 

We spent all Wednesday at the hospital. Why? Because we got a call around 9 am that the doctors had given him less than 24 hours to live. So at about 10:30 we all went into room 1103 to say goodbye. It was hard. When my other Grandpa died, he was testifying at a pulpit in a church, and died of a heart attack. We never got to say goodbye. But as "Oh What a Savior" played in the background, my Grandpap struggled for breath as he told each of his kids and grandkids he loved them and was proud of them. As my Aunt talked to him, she said that when my Grandpap was getting diagnosed with cancer in April 2000, she was downstairs having my cousin. She prayed that God would give him 10 more years to be with us. Almost to the exact day, God fulfilled that prayer. Haley's birthday had just occured less than 2 weeks earlier.

Dealing with death is hard, whether or not you get to say goodbye. He was 77, and saved. He said he was ready and wanted to slip away. The doctors gave him something to ease the pain and he fell into a deep sleep. He never woke up.

My mom and I had come home at about 9:30 p.m., and my Dad stayed at the hospital. I was going down the road where we live at a college facility and ended up at the church to check something on the soundbooth computer. As I moved the files around, I looked up at the front and just went and sat on the front seat. I had my Zune and began to listen to "Never Let Go" by David Crowder Band. Tears began to roll down my face as the songs reassuring message played through the headphones. I began to pray. God met me there. It was 10:30, and I had no idea my Grandpap had just gone to be with God. Isn't it amazing that when we don't know the extent of circumstances, God always has the right solution?

After I found out he had died, I went home and wrote out Isaiah 25:8, 1 Corinthians 15:55, and Revelation 21:4-5. Those verses were exactly what I needed. 

You know, when death comes, we feel robbed. We know it is coming, but we are never really prepared. The knowledge that they are in Heaven brings some comfort, but the pain is still there. But all I can say is, "O death where is thy victory? O Grave, where is thy sting?" What words could be more true? Even as grief fills you, He is an ever present help and comforter. I don't know how I could have survived the things I have gone through without God! Through death, health, sickness, bad times, good times, sorrowful times, he is always there and gives us strength and encouragement.

I'm sorry, I'm definitely not a good writer. I just felt like I needed to share this. Just know that whatever your problem may be, whether it's the death of a loved one, depression, divorce, sickness, or a high note in your life, there is always someone who cares and will be there.


  1. Very touching post. Like Ray Comfort said, 10 out of 10 people die, yet we always assume it will happen to somebody else. God knows exactly what we need to endure, and that is simply to trust in Him to pull us through. (Btw, I disagree that you are not a good writer.) :)

  2. Thanks Mike! A lot of times we don't realize that we can leave this world at any given moment, and it's important to make sure your soul is right with God.