Monday, May 16, 2011

Introducing....KAELUM WAY!

Well, as you know, I LOVE to find new bands, especially up and coming indie ones. After watching Ben Kasica's first Skies Fall podcast, I knew I wanted to check out the bands I saw featured in it. I have to say, Kaelum Way was my favorite!

Kaelum Way is a new band from Nashua, New Hampshire, and they sound very promising! They released their EP, (produced by Ben Kasica) on May 10th, and I really want it now that I have previewed it! The clips sound really good; their vocal and musical abilities definitely shine! You can preview and buy "Pictures Of Home" here. Judging from their website's about page, they would be an awesome band to see live. I.e: "The band has an energetic live performance of original songs that have been known to include such antics as swapping instruments (even mid-song), two-person drum solos, and chains of 3 members playing each others guitars and a trumpet."

Kaelum Way is also giving away a FREE download of their song, "Let Go" on their Facebook. It's a great track, and hey, you might really like them! I know I do.


  1. I like the sound of their music! Thanks for the info! :D

  2. Whoa! That sounds cool! Not too many bands switch instruments! :)