Thursday, May 19, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Bleach

No, this post is NOT about a certain chemical that brightens our whites and stains our coloreds. Nope, I am talking about, the one, the only......BLEACH!

Bleach formed in 1995, originally under the name "Muffin". Interesting, huh? They released their first album, "Space" in 1996 under Forefront Records. They quickly became popular in the pop/punk scene, and "Static" followed in 1998, earning a four star review from Jesus Freak Hideout. Their third album, simply titled "Bleach" released in 1999, and was their last album on Forefront Records. "Bleach" also earned rave reviews.

1999-2002 proved to be the era of changes for Bleach. Not only did they sign to Tooth & Nail Records, they also lost four members and added three more in this period of time. They released their first album on T&N, "Again For The First Time" in 2002. Blake Gams said of the album, "Another step in the right direction, Bleach adds a radio friendly gem to their musical library". 

Bleach released two other albums, "Astronomy" (2003) and "Farewell Old Friends" (2005) before they broke up. "Farewell Old Friends" proved to be the last album Bleach put out, other than a Greatest Hits compilation. After six albums, touring extensively, and ten years together as a band, it's possible Bleach just got burnt out. But....

BLEACH is making a COMEBACK. According to this website, run by Bleach themselves, Bleach has a four state tour lined up, and an EP coming out later this year! So for all you original pop/punk fans, your guys are back.

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  1. Cool! Interesting video. I *think* I've heard of them before, I just can't remember where... :P