Thursday, May 26, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Tait

Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently! The school had it's Graduation last week and we're still cleaning! :) I have some exciting things coming up, and be sure to enter my Mission Six giveaway!

Today's Throwback Thursday is a band Michael Tait (formerly of dc Talk and now lead singer of the Newsboys  - like you didn't already know. Haha!)  formed with Charlie Chaplin Chad Chapin in 1996 under the name Curious George. Curious George was mainly a cover band;  Michael and Chad performed a few concerts, and wrote some songs together. Not long after, Michael and Chad became more serious about the band that would eventually become Tait. 

After dc Talk went on hiatus in 1999, Michael Tait began to write songs, and look up a few of his acquaintances in the music industry. Tait officially formed in 2000 with Michael Tait, Lonnie and Chad Chapin, and also Pete Stewart. Michael actually named the band in honor of his father, Rev. Nathel Tait. What a great way to name a band!

The first album from Tait was "Empty" released in 2000. The album was well received, and did well on the charts. This album also included a fun bonus track, which one could access by rewinding the cd at the beginning of track 1. The track featured Michael in various voicemails doing impersonations and cracking jokes.

"Lose This Life" was the last album released from Tait, which came in 2003. This album proved to be a great success, and brought a more aggressive rock sound. "Lose This Life" as well as "Numb" became favorites of many.

Tait toured off and on for the next few years, and the lineup changed quite a bit, leaving Michael Tait and Chad Chapin the only original members left. A third album, "Loveology" was put into production, but to date has never been released. It is not certain "Loveology" will ever be released, but from Michael's description of what it would sound like seems awesome. Maybe those songs will become Newsboy material? Hmmm.....

Michael Tait joined Newsboys as the new frontman after Peter Furler stepped down in 2009. Since then the newsboys have released "Born Again", a Christmas album, and a "Miracles" edition of "Born Again". Michael Tait has filled the role perfectly.

Not much was ever said about Tait when they were a band, but their music lives on in the form of "Empty" and "Lose This Life". I'm sure longtime fans of dc Talk and the current Newsboys would really enjoy Michael's past work.

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  1. Cool! I didn't know that much about Michael Tait. I only knew that he was in DC Talk and now Newsboys and so the other stuff is good to know!