Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Rubyz "Reflection" Review

Teen pop group "The Rubyz" have been in the Christian Music scene since around 2007. Their first two albums, "The Rubyz" and "Sound Off" became fan favorites, and even though there's been a few member changes, The Rubyz have managed to bring a fun pop sound that competes with secular groups. Let's get to the review!

As with all of the iShine releases this year, rather than calling it a cd, "Reflection" has been labeled an "MVP", which stands for Music, Video, and Purpose. The music aspect gives you 10 songs, (which can be downloaded for use on your MP3 player from an internet link given in the MVP case) the video part of the DVD means you will get 10 music videos, and an episode of iShine KNECT featuring The Rubyz. The purpose portion gives you behind the song sessions, and includes the iShine episode.

To start things off "Reflection" brings a fun, electro-pop sound that sounds awesome through my speakers, and brings beautiful message of how God can change us into what He has planned for us. "Fall With You" also brings a strong techno beat, and encourages us to not be afraid and take chances, because God is always with us.

"Big God" has an old-school pop feel to it, and I really like the music of this song. The lyrics speak of how great God is, and how he can overcome all of our situations. 'Whatcha Seein" is one of my favorite songs off the album with the most unique sound and encourages us to be ourselves, how God made us. "Unchanging" is also another standout track, and speaks of how God's love never changes or ends, unlike human love.

Now begins the cover songs. "Your Grace Is Enough" is the first of the covers, and The Rubyz really did an awesome job with this song! The Rubyz put their own spin on the song, and it really works. "Indescribable" follows, and once again, The Rubyz deliver with shining vocals and music tweens and teens love. "City On Our Knees" could rival TobyMac's original version very easily. "You Reign" is full of soaring vocals packed with a love for Christ. "Lead Me To The Cross" closes out the album, and is simply amazing. I really can't decide if I like Francesca Battistelli's version or The Rubyz' version better. 

The video part of MVP comes in with 10 live performance music videos in which The Rubyz do a great job, as well as 10 song explanations that give you an insider's look at the music of The Rubyz. I enjoyed getting to know what the different songs meant to The Rubyz, and I like the fact there is an interview after the song explanations. It's neat to get behind the scenes info.

Rounding out the MVP is a full episode of the popular iShine KNECT show. This episode is all about lying, and the different consequences that come because of lies. I enjoyed watching this episode, it's lighthearted and fun, but brings a serious lesson we all need to learn.

Overall, "Reflection" by The Rubyz is a great album for tweens and teens. Full of beautiful vocals, catchy music, powerful lyrics and lots of bonus material, "Reflection" is unique and fun. If you are a fan of Cortni, Britt Nicole, Charmaine, or the album "Make Some Noise" by Krystal Myers, there's practically an 100% 
chance you'll like this album. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for an interview with The Rubyz, coming soon! :)

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